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Year-round supply

Using unique climate and with access to a large supply chain, we can provide a stable supply of agricultural products in all four seasons.

Varied Transportation Methods

We are able to export our products to almost any part of the world using land, see or air transportation. Our close proximity to the cargo terminal of Isfahan airport enables us to provide freshest and highest quality products to our customers at any part of the world in the shorted possible time.

Quality, Freshness & Fair Price

We screen the entire process from initial supply until product delivery to ensure deliver of fresh and high-quality products to customers. Since we receive a direct supply of products from local, we are able to offer the fairest prices for our customers.

our expertise

Single or Mixed Load

Based on the customers’ needs, we can deliver produces as single or mixed load (you can consult our experts in this regard).

Bulk and Packaging

Our products are available in bulk in a variety of cartons or packaged according to customer’s needs.

Private Label

The products can be marked with Green Alliance brand or the customer’s brand along with any required information (including name, address, logo, etc.) according to customer’s needs.